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3 Tips for Managing Crowdsourced Workers
Crowdsourcing hiring is a cutting-edge way to scale a business but one that still presents certain traditional human resource challenges.


5 Ways to Stay on Top of Holiday Orders
The holiday shopping season is a crucial time for any retailer, much less a small one.

A Call to Order
Before Wharton awarded Prasad Thammineni an MBA, it handed him an unwieldy mess. Figuring out how to deal with that problem spawned his fifth startup.

Wharton Magazine

At Their Service
Ken Kropp was a daily customer at Wawa Inc.’s Aston, PA, store for years. When he became ill in 2011 and stopped coming in, concerned store employees took notice. 

Philadelphia SmartCEO

Back from the Brink
Jim Boscov places several full-page newspaper advertisement layouts in front of his uncle, Albert Boscov, the chairman and CEO of the retail department store chain that bears his name.

Philadelphia SmartCEO

Entrepreneurism 101
For Ryan Frankel, his latest entrepreneurial endeavor was inspired by some bad Chinese food. It all started with a meal in Shanghai. Frankel says he isn’t sure what he ordered, because the economics/Spanish major couldn’t read the menu.

Haverford Magazine

Etsy Sellers: Easy Ways to
Streamline Shipping

Etsy entrepreneur Angie Campbell packed and shipped the wooden iPad stands for her Etsy shop Roostic out of her kitchen and dining room. That meant rooms full of packing clutter, sometimes forcing her to eat a microwaved dinner while sitting on her kitchen countertop.

Fresh Idea
Most entrepreneurs would be thrilled with the success John M. Scardapane has already achieved since founding Saladworks, the nation’s first and largest fresh-tossed salad franchise concept, in 1986.

Philadelphia SmartCEO

Recruiting at a Hackathon? 5 Tips
for Success

Looking for a first peek at the new tech talent? Don’t wait for a job fair. Get thee to a hackathon.



Keeping Haverford Fit
On a chilly winter morning at 7:30 a.m., the Calvin J. Gooding ’84 Arena is filled with blaring music and pounding feet. For a moment, it is difficult to pick out Haverford College’s strength and conditioning coach Cory Walts in the pack of young men in shorts and T-shirts. But it quickly becomes apparent: Walts is the guy doing all the yelling.
Haverford Magazine

Skeleton Crew
A pile of bones behind a Philadelphia elementary school contained clues to a crime — and to the professional future of Michael Sganga, a student in the School of Podiatric Medicine. 

Temple Review


The Riverkeeper
Meet the Delaware’s guardian angel. Maya van Rossum was a second-grader at Ithan Elementary School in Villanova when she waged her first environmental battle.
The City Paper

Oceans of Plastic
Roman Shor didn’t expect to see piles of floating litter when he set off on the Plastics at SEA expedition, the first federally funded venture to study the accumulation of plastics in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Penn Arts & Sciences Magazine

 General Interest  

Cat Cafes Offer Coffee With a Side of Kitties
If cat lovers could design their own heaven it would most likely have a least one cat café—a quiet retreat where warm beverages and sweet treats are in plentiful supply and a variety of affectionate cats roam about, graciously accepting your attention.


Eat, Sleep, Run
Annick Lamar measures her time not in hours and days, but in increments of seconds and years. As in: If she can shave 15 seconds off her best time running a mile, she just might make the U.S. Olympic track team in five years. 

Haverford Magazine

Fables of the Reconstruction
After posing as appraisers of Civil War artifacts on “Antiques Roadshow,” former Bryn Mawr collectibles dealer Russ Pritchard III and his accomplices bilked several individuals—and a Harrisburg museum—out of thousands.

Main Line Today

Following Her Heart
Suzie Brown realized she was at a crossroads in her life during a bout of severe anxiety. Stress was nothing new for the cardiologist, who was then working on her master’s degree in translational research at Penn, but this was different.

Penn Gazette

Forgotten Nation
The Lenape of Southeastern Pennsylvania are just one of many Indian groups that are trying to keep their culture alive.  But their efforts have gotten tangled in a bigger issue—gaming. 

Main Line Today


Celebrating the Birth of Our 1,000th
Fetal Surgery Patient

Audrey Rose Oberio made history just by being born. Her birth marked the Hospital’s 1,000th fetal surgery patient.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia annual report

Challenging the Conventional ‘Wisdom’ 
of Alternative Therapies

Alternative medicine, including dietary supplements and acupuncture, has become increasingly popular with many people. However Paul Offit, MD, isn’t one of them, and isn’t afraid to say so. 

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia annual report


The Dorm From Hell
As I emerged from yet another restless night, I made a vow to myself. If I didn’t get some real sleep soon, I was going to kill someone.

Penn Gazette

Just Say No to Faux
When a bucket is just a bucket.

Main Line Today

Knock off the door-to-door intrusions, please. I’m not buying
A warning appeared on my Facebook feed not long ago. A friend who lives a few towns away advised against opening our doors to anyone we weren’t expecting and suggested telling unsuspecting elderly neighbors to do the same.

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